Sri Guruji believes in the Vedic connotation - Maatru Devo Bhava, Pitru Devo Bhava. - Salutations to Mother and her forefathers, Salutations to father and his forefathers. Sri Gurujis spiritual discourses are versatile, illustrative, exhaustive and appealing.


Maharaja Ambarisha was a great devotee of Narayana and though he was a great king possessing of immense wealth and fame he considered everything as worthless and transitory due to his devotion to the Lord.Pleased with his bhakthi the Lord gave him the Sudarsana chakra to protect him from evil forces. For protecting Sage Durvasa from the rage of Sudarshana chakra, Ambarisha prayed to Sudarsana with 9 slokas. Here is the Stotram in Telugu.



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