Sri Guruji believes in the Vedic connotation - Maatru Devo Bhava, Pitru Devo Bhava. - Salutations to Mother and her forefathers, Salutations to father and his forefathers. Sri Gurujis spiritual discourses are versatile, illustrative, exhaustive and appealing.

Dhanvantaryashtottara shatanaamaavali

Dhanvantari is an avatar of Krsna in The Vedas. He appears in the Vedas and Puranas as the physician of the gods (devas), and the god of Ayurveda. It is common practice in Hinduism for worshipers to pray to Dhanvantari seeking his blessings for sound health for themselves and/or others, especially on Dhanteras. Here is the Ashtottara Shatanamavali on Lord Dhanwntari by Swami Vedanta Desikan in Telugu.

Dhanvantaryashtottara shatanaamaavali


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