Sri Guruji believes in the Vedic connotation - Maatru Devo Bhava, Pitru Devo Bhava. - Salutations to Mother and her forefathers, Salutations to father and his forefathers. Sri Gurujis spiritual discourses are versatile, illustrative, exhaustive and appealing.


Shree Shani Bhagavan (Saturn), is so feared by all. Yet actually he is a great devotee of Lord
Narasimhadeva (the half man ­ half lion  form of  Lord Krishna).  Many try to counteract the influence  of inauspicious  planets  or constellations, yet Lord Narasimha protects one from the  influence  of  malevolent  planets and makes them  benevolent. Shree  Shani  Bhagavan  is obviously  a  great  devotee of Lord Narasimha as is evident from the texts below from the “Bhavishyottara  Purana”.  Saturday is also  the day  of Lord Narasimhadeva and a perfect day to  worship Lord Narasimha. Here is Narasimha stuti in telugu by Lord Saturn


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